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Who’s your buddy? Rochelle Chavier owner of Tackle Buddy Soap is your buddy. Rochelle was raised in Fairhaven Massachusetts. She has many years of experience in different fields and each of the them has helped her understand the importance of all natural products. She is a woman of many talents from working in a fish house to being a Reiki Practitioner and now owner and operator of Tackle Buddy Soaps. Rochelle was only in the forth grade when she began her journey of using all natural products. She would go after school and pick Bayberries and bring them home to boil them until the wax would raise to the top then, make candles out of the berries. Talk about all natural. As a teenager Rochelle spent three summers as a teacher's assistant of an arts and craft activities program at Cushman Park in Fairhaven, Ma. Taking a break from the craft world Rochelle spent a few years after high school working in a fish house. From there she ventured into SMU Dartmouth College where she studied English from 1981-1983. Years later Rochelle went back to her love of crafts and opened up her candle shop named That Place Aglow where she was the owner and operator for fifteen years. All the candles, lotions, soaps, and lip balms were handmade. Owning the candle shop helped her understand the passion her customers had about all natural soaps and lotions. Along her journey Rochelle graduated from Spa Tech Institution in Plymouth Ma as a massage therapist in 2003, also she began training to be a Reiki practitioner. After all her training she has a greater understanding of the mind and body. And she did not stop there! she served on the Board of Directors for Healing and Light Productions, worked with a non-profit organization that raised money to pay for Holistic Treatments for there clients such as Acupuncture, Reiki, massage, and Vitamins. She has been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association since 2003. Also is certified from the Institute for Integrative Health care Studies specializing in Aroma therapy, Fibromyalgia and Massage, and Energy medicine the Scientific basic. This long journey Rochelle has taken has all been helpful for the creation of Tackle Buddy Soap. Being in and around the fishing industry for over 25 years thru family and friends she has a greater understanding of the needs of fishermen from knowing that most soaps do not lather in saltwater and how they sometimes run out of freshwater on their vessels to some boats haven't any freshwater at all, which is one of the many reasons she felt it was important to develop a formula to make her soap be able to lather and clean in saltwater. To understanding the mind and body and knowing the importance of all natural products.


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Understanding the mind and body and knowing the importance of all natural products.